Meet Jennifer

Hi there! My name is Jennifer. I am owner of Jenn Harvey photography. I am also a wife and mother of the two cutest little ones! At least, I think so!

 Photography and art have always been a part of who I am. I grew up on a farm in Wooddlawn, Tennessee. There I spent my days outside, pretending to be a princess trapped in a tower, a mermaid swimming in the coral reefs, or a famous biker riding on the hillside. Other times I played mommy to my many dolls, or spent hours just exploring the acres of land, and finding interesting leaves, rocks and flowers to collect. The memory of my childhood plays strongly in my mind. Behind our old farm house was a beautiful meadow. It was a brilliant green, and filled with colorful wildflowers and sunshine, and a lone tree stood in the middle. A summer supper was always garden fresh vegetables. After supper, I spent many nights playing on the porch, which ran the whole front length of our house, catching fireflies and putting them in old mason jars. These are the memories I hold dear to my heart. I can’t go back there. Once I visited our old farm house, and only remnants remain, but the memories I have will last forever. When I look back at those memories now, I remember them like a slideshow full of brilliant colors and beautiful sunsets. I believe that living the simple, organic way of my childhood is how I developed my imagination, the unique way I see things, and how I create my art. As people, we associate our feelings with our memories, like the joy of seeing your baby for the first time, or the bittersweet feelings you have when that baby goes off to school or gets married. It’s those kinds of memories and feelings that I try to capture and convey through my photographs. I want my photos to provoke the feelings that you had in that moment, at that specific time in your life. They should help you remember how beautiful that time was. I want your images to match the beauty of your life and your memories.

 I would describe my style as timeless, a bit whimsical, and a little vintage, with earthy elements, romance and artistry. I love the newness and innocence of newborn babies. I love the playfulness and chubby little cheeks of sweet young children. I adore seeing the romance between a couple in love and the love shared between a family, big or small. Nothing compares to capturing the bond of a mommy or daddy snuggling their babies tight, in a somber moment shared just between them. My favorite time to shoot is in the evening when the sun is setting low in the sky, bathing everything with a beautiful glow. I often shoot in a field, a forest, a creek bed, or in any of nature’s spectacular backdrops.


I've been published internationally in magazines such as Shot Magazine, Beyond the Wanderlust, Starbound, Model Magazine,